Friday, July 1, 2011

Last post....

That is my last message in this blog.
Firts of all,thanks to everybody,who helped to organize this camp...thank to professors,prefects,kitcheners and others.
The last day was so funny,exciting and waggish!!!!!!!!!!!
Each team had a creative approach to preparing of appearance on Closin' ceremony...every houses stood out in different sections of creativity(singing,action...)
Finally,of course,thanks to Valentina Mikhailovna for her participating in the activity of camp.
Good bye!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Thanks to Bloggers

Bloggers, go!

Closing Ceremony

 Sketch, singing and dancing

 musical "Mutant Animals"

Celebrity guest

 Sketch, singing, dancing

 Dance, rap, dance

Film, dance, song

Awards to particular campers for their achievements:

Polina (Solerbi)
Regina B. (Dragonvox)
Sofia (Solerbi)
Dzhangar (Aquilori)
Arina (Saigvelo)
Delya (Dragonvox)
Djiga (Camencrane)
Lera M. (Aquilori)
Bain (Camencrane)
Erdni (Saigvelo)

PowerPoint presentation "Timeline of Narn-Sun 2011"

Great thanks to Alexandr Arkadievich K. for his management!

Last but not the Least

The day when the campers suddenly understood
                      that they didn't want to leave that friendly territory 
                                        they, prefects and professors had made so comfortable for everybody!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Final Words

All is well that ends well.

Today there was...

Today was last day for preparin' of closin' ceremony for tomorrow.Each house has finished their will they come out???I don't know.
Today,of course,it was funny and exciting on every classes...for example, on Wonders of America our house(Camencrane) has played was awesome.
And the password for today was All is well that ends well.
Thank you for your attention!